Technology: antimicrobial fabric Silpure


Antibacterial efficacy

The new generation silver antimicrobial technology for fabrics

Heat and humidity facilitate the development of bacteria, that cause bad smell.
This is natural, and the solution is natural too. The pure silver used in fabrics treated by Silpure technology removes bacteria that cause bad smell, avoiding their reproduction and giving a nice and long-lasting sensation of freshness.

Why using silver?

Safe and effective

Silver is natural and always used in medical field.
It is not carcinogenic neither mutagenic, not irritating (it doesn’t interfere with the sensitivity of the skin). And there is no risk of bacterial resistance.

Silver works on three fronts


The most part of bactericides works on just one of cellular function, while silver works on three fronts: during these processes, silver runs out. With the constant recharge of Ag+, the antimicrobial activity is long-lasting kept.